A poem from my body


Hey! You fed me a negative thought
But man, I was so hungry for your attention, that
I took it, and I grew it
That’s how you trained me

A catch, a tickle, a thirst
An ahem, a bark
No meditation for you
Cough up, until your lungs flop out and your chest feels raw

Breathe fire, I can make you do anything

No rest for you
I interrupt your air
I make you think about it
I double back on you and let uncertainty creep in

And still, you feed me
You feed me
Every minus, un-, non, and doubt

Wait a minute, the energy here in this room is strong
You feed me a little more
But it’s neutral;
Maybe it’s positive.
Whatever it is, it is still.

We’ve lost our appetite for negativity, and grief.
Together we can lift this up, turn it around,
turn it back outside in.

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