The Ritual Atelier


Life is peppered with ritual. It influences how we move through life’s transitions, challenges, celebrations and everyday joys. Perform deliberate acts imbued with an innate brand of magic. Come along, let’s work on our rituals.

On this blog, I post meta-content on my exploration of rituals, such as; definition, type/s, applications, process, response, experiences, products, scripts, ceremonies – so on and so forth. This is part of a larger study I am undertaking on ritual in contemporary society: why I believe it is necessary, why I think it needs to be named and how to integrate it. Why practise ritual? And which approaches might lead to new ways of moving through my life (and perhaps even your life)? How to gather with others? How to gather yourself? How to serve? How do you move yourself, and others? What are some good reasons to live life with reverence, even for micro-moments at a time?


I get worried that this piece might be an exercise in guilt-tripping bystanders when tragedy strikes. But, it depends on how I approach it. I remember when I researched what I should expect, needing to cover every prospect of that certainty of losing Ivy at any moment. I wanted to be prepared for my own…

Where listening lives

This week I plan to make a listening stick with my children. I don’t mean to only use it with them. It’s something I need for myself, when I need to pray or have some reflective time. What I will do is take the children on a nature walk, and ask them to find the…

On my knees

The voice I say I don’t have gets too much airplay The ears I do have? Just painted on. Twenty years since I lay in bed listening. Your mouth moves but I only hear the track in my head. My needs scream, my energy penetrates my desires demand, my desperation radiates. When I hear you…

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